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Top 7 Fashion Hacks

Today I’m going to be doing a fashion hack article, so if you guys want to see it them just keep reading.

Hack onedeodorant-mark

Deodorant marks. Now, I’ve heard that you can use a baby wipe to remove it, but I kind of don’t want my shirts to be wet and growing up I always just used a sock. Just grab a sock, fold it inside out and rub the mark away. It’s kind of like a magic eraser for deodorant marks.

Hack Two

You can remove sneaker stains by just with equal parts of baking soda and laundry detergent. Just grab an old toothbrush and scrub the stains away. I had a mark right here and I was amazed at how well I got rid of it. To give you a better visual, I also tested this on the bottom part of the shoe.

c26-B003V264WW-1-lHack Three

If you don’t have an iron, or just too lazy to use one, we all know that you can use a straightener to remove wrinkles, but what I like to do is dampen my shirt with some water, and then blow on the shirt a little bit, and use a hairdryer to remove the wrinkles. I do this a lot because a straightener can only do so much.

Hack Four

If you have a shirt that keeps falling off your hangars, then you can make your own grips with a hot glue gun. Just add a squiggle of glue to both ends of the hangar and your shorts will stay in place.42411002

Hack Five

Now here’s something new that I learned. If your sleeves keep coming undone then you’re probably doing it wrong. Don’t roll your sleeves like this. Instead, fold your sleeves to your elbow and then fold the bottom part up to meet up. Honestly, two folds and you’re good to go.

Hack six

Avoid shoulder bumps in your sweaters by folding them in half, placing the hook of the hangar near the armpit, and then folding both the body and the arms of the sweater over the hangar. Seems a little weird, but it will prevent shoulder bumps.

Hack seven

If for some reason you need a quick bag to carry something, then you make one out of a tank top. Just grab a tank top, flip it inside out, tie a knot at the bottom and flip it right side out and viola you’ve got yourself a little bag to throw some stuff in.

And thats it, hope you ladies enjoyed theseĀ 7 little life hacks:)


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