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Oven is a small thermally insulated chamber which is used for cooking, heating, and baking. Today, the oven is found in almost every kitchen. An oven gets fairly grimy after few months of usage. The accumulated food turn into carbon which causes a strong burning odor while cooking. If you let it remain coated in carbon, it can taint your food. So, following are some instructions on oven cleaning.

Identification of the oven: 

There are different types of ovens available in the market, and each requires a slightly different method of cleaning:

  • The self-cleaning ovens has features which allow you to increase the temperature which turns food and grease into ash. 
  • Textured ovens or the continuous cleaning ovens contains a porcelain layer which is designed for burning the food remains. 
  • The regular ovens which doesn’t have these oven cleaning features should be cleaned manually by hand. 

Steps for self-cleaning ovens

  1. Prepare to clean: 

Pick a time when your kitchen is least active.

-Try to keep pets and children away from the kitchen when the cleaning is under process, since it gives the burning smell. 

-Open all the windows of kitchen for ventilation, so that nobody inhales the fumes. 


  1. Remove the racks: 

Now, remove and place the racks in a sink full of warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid to soak. 


  1. Turn ON self-cleaning: 

Turning the self-cleaning mode ON locks the oven doors and heats to a temperature range of 800 to 900 degree Fahrenheit. 

-Check if the door is locked before leaving it to clean and if the lock is not working properly, put some kind of note or barrier on the door so restricting the family members from opening it. 

-The oven will take around 2 to 6 hours to clean itself.


  1. Open and clean the door: 

Sweep the ashes with the help of a small brush and wipe out the oven using a wet cloth. You can use water and vinegar solution as well.


  1. Clean the racks: 

Clean and place the oven racks in the soapy water and replace them in the oven after rinsing and drying. 


Steps for non-self-cleaning ovens:

  1. Remove racks and prepare solution: 

Place the racks in warm water with dishwashing liquid to soak. Take a one-liter spray bottle, put 4 tablespoons of baking soda and water. Now, shake the spray bottle properly to dissolve the soda in the water. 

  1. Spray down: 

Spray the solution aiming the stained and charred areas until the carbon is saturated completely and for the dirty ovens, you should increase the baking powder to water ratio. 

  1. Allow the solution to soak in: 

Let the solution to soak in for at least an hour and then test the area to see if the stained part has loosened.

  1. Use scrapper: 

Use a scrapper for removing the loosened part and use gloves if you are cautious about your hands and avoid it from getting dirty. 

  1. Wipe down once more: 

At this point, your oven might appear clean but use half vinegar and some water to wipe it down again. 

  1. Clean the racks: 

Clean and scrub the oven racks and place them in the soapy water and finally replace in the oven after rinsing and drying. 

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