Hair Makes or Breaks the Woman: A Healthy Head of Hair, in the Proper Cut/Style Finishes the Look

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October 25, 2017
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February 4, 2018

A bad hair day is something most everyone has experienced at one time or another. However, most of the time, a bad hair day is only noticed by oneself, and not by others. If we hold our heads high with confidence, and feel good about our hair, others will tend to like it, too. Many of us have gone through longer periods of not liking our hair than just one day. Such as getting a hair cut that’s shorter, or not exactly what was expected. Or a hair color that did not turn out right. These are times when self-confidence and grace will improve your appearance. A woman who is confident is always attractive.

Work on achieving an attractive hairstyle for the cut and color you have, to help feel more comfortable with your hair, while it’s growing out. Just letting your hair grow out, without styling it, can make one look frumpy. Try different things with it, such as curling it, if it’s straight, flat ironing it, if it’s curly. Or use some gel or mouse to scrunch it up in a unique style to fit your facial features and personality.

The Long and the Short of it

Is long hair always more attractive? Most men think so. However, long hair may be very attractive on a woman, if it’s healthy and styled right for her persona, and that includes her self-confidence. Sometimes a woman looks better with short hair. Long hair may make some women look older, and a shorter cut often makes a woman look younger. A lot depends on how it worn, and how a woman carries it off.

Of course there is always the current style or fad that is popular among the younger crowd, such as long, straight, highlighted hair. This style may be worn by many women in their thirties and forties, with ease, style and grace. However, as a woman ages, trying to still look twenty-one, may actually work against her. Part of ageing gracefully, is accepting who and what we are. Trying to be something we are not, does not make one appear self-confident. Being absolutely relaxed and comfortable with who we are, is what makes one attractive.

What About the Color?

 Coloring the hair is a chemical process; which can be damaging to the hair. Many women are able to color their hair on a regular basic, and not see any appreciable damage to their hair. However, for some woman who have dry hair, the hair color process can be very damaging, causing the hair to look “fried.” It is healthiest on the hair to remain chemical free, however, if one is going to color, it’s best to have it done in a salon. Using home products has a much more damaging effect on the hair over all, than salon products.

As a woman ages, she may be thinking more about covering grey, than having multiple colors of highlights. Women should color their grey, if that’s what makes them feel best about themselves. If giving oneself the freedom of going natural, is what makes one feel good, than go for the all natural look. A woman can pull off a healthy head of grey hair very gracefully, if she believes in herself. Healthy is a keyword here. If hair looks healthier cut short, then it should be worn short in any color. Women can have any color hair they want.

A Tip for Saving Money on Hair Care

Of course the price of vanity can be dear. To save about two-thirds the cost of your normal salon bill, look for an Academy of Cosmetology in your area. All work is done by students, under direct supervision of a licensed instructor. These students take their time, and do a good job. A client will not get out the door without a check of the service by an instructor. Expect to spend more time for a hair cut and color, and allow yourself this time to be pampered. The attention to detail the students have, provides one with a feeling of being cared for, and having good service.

Most academies of cosmetology provide gift cards, and offer a full menu of services, including pedicures, facials and massages. A great way to get pampered.

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