How to Create Beautiful Curls on Little Girls

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February 4, 2018

Little girls love to play dress-up and style their hair. Here, I give my creative tip on how to curl your girl’s hair without any expense.

Equipment Required to Curl Hair

To create beautiful curls that last for days, the only equipment required is:

  • An old piece of cloth/fabric ie t-shirt, bed sheet (Preferably cotton for its strength, comfort and grip)
  • A comb
  • Water
  • Scissors (Optional)

Instructions to Create Curly Hair

Follow these simple instructions for no-fuss curls on your little girl:

  • Rip or cut the cloth/fabric into lots of strands approximately 4in long and 1-2cm wide (These do no need to be neat)
  • Comb through hair, removing any knots
  • Wet hair (This makes dividing and curling easier)
  • Using the comb collect a small section of hair (This is easiest if you begin at the back of the head near to a partition)
  • Gather the section of hair together and twist it round until a spiral effect has been created from roots to close to the tips
  • Place the centre of a strand of cloth/fabric at the base of the spiral
  • Wrap one side the cloth/fabric around the base of the spiral (You should now have a complete circle of cloth/fabric around the base of the spiral. This enables the hair to be gripped in the cloth/fabric)
  • Carefully, by holding the gripped hair in the cloth/fabric, wind the segment of hair up until it nears the roots (This can be wound under or over, according to your preference)
  • Tie a small, tight, but easy to untie knot around the wound segment of hair with the remainder of the piece of cloth/fabric (The hair should now appear as if in a twisted ball. Again, this does not need to be neat)
  • Complete the above steps all over the head

As long as the hair is twisted and tied, the desired effect will be achieved.

After Completing Curling Instructions

Once all of the hair has been twisted and tied, leave over night. In the morning, gently remove all the strands of cloth/fabric and carefully loosen the spirals to reveal beautifully curly hair.

The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes, and removal of strands takes about 5 minutes. Your little girl can enjoy this pampering whilst reading a book or watching T.V to distract themselves. She can also help by passing you strands of cloth/fabric.

Personal Experience in Curling Hair

I have performed the above process on my daughter (who is 5) many times, without any fuss or pain being endured. She has also had no difficulty in sleeping with the strands in her hair. (Remember not to tie the knots too tighlty against the scalp)

After Care Advice

If the hair appears slightly frizzy when the strands of cloth/fabric have been removed, try wetting your hands and scrunching the hair. This should eliminate the problem. Hairspray may be applied if desired.

After the first day, the hair will relax and appear more wavy and natural. Of course, any curling will disappear upon washing the hair.

Positivity Created from Producing Curly Hair

The more times the above process has been performed, the more confident you will feel. Also, seeing the finished product gives the ‘hairdresser’ a real sense of pride and achievement. Not only is this technique totally free, but can be repeated as often as desired with very little effort, leaving your little girl feeling like the beautiful princess she is.

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