How to Curl Dreadlocks: Create a New Look by Curling Locs

How to Create Beautiful Curls on Little Girls
March 2, 2018

Using perm rods to curl locs is a good choice for people who do not mind sitting under a hair dryer. Perm rods will curl locs if the hair is curled while it is wet. Choose perm rods according to the length of the hair and the desired tightness of the curl. Smaller, thinner, perm rods will produce tighter curls than larger per rods. Wash the hair or use a spray bottle to saturate it with water. Although it’s not necessary to add a setting lotion to hold the curls, the curls will last longer if a setting lotion is applied. Use a water based setting lotion that will rinse out completely when the hair is washed. Saturate the hair in the setting lotion so that it is soaked all the way through the hair.

Wrap the hair around the rods. While it is still wet. Get under a dryer to dry the hair. It is possible and healthier to allow the hair to air dry, but because per rods are so hard, it is extremely uncomfortable to sleep in them overnight.

Flexirods to Curl Locks

Alternatively, using flexirods, flexible curlers will provide a more comfortable night’s sleep if the curlers must be left in overnight. Follow the same procedure as curling the hair with the perm rods for the flexible curlers. Bend the flexible curler up in the opposite direction to hold in the hair.

Sponge Rollers for Curling Locs

Remember sponge rollers that are used to curl relaxed hair? They can also be used to curl locks. Simply remove the sponge from the curler and roll the hair up on the skeleton of the roller. Choose a roller size that best accommodates the length of the hair. Using the skeleton of the roller, without the sponge will produce a tight curl. Sponge rollers are also comfortable for sleeping.

Pipecleaner Curls in Locks

Finally, pipecleaners, the covered wires that are often used in elementary school projects are perfect for producing beautiful, bouncy spiral curls in dreadlocks. Bend the sharp ends of the pipecleaner up and cover it with box tape. Wind the hair around the pipecleaner in the formation of a spiral curl. Do not overlap the hair over the pipecleaner. Bend the top of the pipecleaner down, like using a flexirod, to hold it in the hair. Use one pipecleaner per loc for tighter curls or combine two or three pipecleaners, twisting them together, for looser curls.

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